About Us



Street Law South Africa is a non-profit company that specialises in presenting participatory legal, human rights and democracy education. It also provides opportunities for training in democracy, participatory development and policy development.  The project provides preventative legal education to both formal and informal communities, promoting fundamental rights, freedoms, participation and democratic cultures.  

It has grown into a prominent democracy, human rights and legal education programme.  The project provides a practical understanding of the law, the legal system, human rights, democracy, The South African Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

The project has extensive experience in developing learner support material.  Street law workshops blend legal substance with innovative teaching strategies aimed at not only increasing understanding but also intending to develop the values and attitudes needed in citizens living in a democratic country.  Training is geared towards building on and enhancing the capacity of law enforcement officials, health care practitioners, lawyers, prosecutors, candidate attorneys, paralegals, voluntary legal advisors, rural participants and educators with the intention of assisting communities in accessing both their legal and human rights.


The overarching aim is to contribute to building a democratic society rooted in justice and equality through the promotion of a culture of rights, responsibilities and the rule of law.

Street Law also focuses on creating a culture of legal and human rights awareness among both the in school and out of school youth.  At present over 300 school countrywide receive weekly lessons on Democracy, Human Rights and Legal Education, reaching over 30 000 learners annually. The programme tackles current issues facing the youth, such as HIV/AIDS and discrimination, racism, crime and violence, xenophobia and crimes against women and children. It makes learners aware of their rights and the legal remedies they have to protect their rights and the rights of others.

Street Law works in constituencies all over South Africa and furthermore, has expanded to include delivering its projects in various locations across the globe.

Street Law was formed as a non-governmental organization during 1986.  It is a project of the Centre for Socio Legal Studies.  During 2003 Street Law was incorporated as a non-profit company in terms of the South African Company law and is goverened by a Board of Directors.